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Rough Waves

wave climate provides wind and wave information for the world’s oceans and seas. Using a near-shore translation model it is possible to source similar information for coastal areas.

The BMT ARGOSS service provides instant web-based access to high quality wind and wave statistics globally.

Users can specify and download wind and wave statistics for their chosen location. The underlying database consists of calibrated long-term global and regional model hindcasts, together with satellite observations. The extensive menu of data selection, analysis and display options allows  the output to be tailored to the user’s requirements.

Historical model wind and wave data are available from 1992 onwards. The database is extended with additional years on a regular basis.

Information is available for:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Significant wave height
  • Wave direction
  • Mean wave period
  • Zero crossing wave period

When required, wave parameters from the total sea state can be split into their individual swell and wind-sea components. provides easy-to-interpret 2D and 3D distribution tables and histograms that can be generated annually, seasonally or monthly. contains a wave transformation algorithm which allows computation of wave statistics at coastal and near-shore locations.

To experience the functionality of waveclimate go to and log in with username "demo" and leave the password blank.