North Sea Oil Rig

Re-evaluation of Operational and Design Criteria

North Sea

This project involved a re-evaluation of existing criteria for a site in the northern North Sea as well as the providing new criteria to enable our customer to comply with international standards.

It involved:

  • Design wind criteria at a range of averaging periods
  • Design sea state criteria with associated ISO-compliant individual wave criteria
  • Design total extreme level criteria using ISO-compliant wave crests elevations
  • 3D design current criteria
  • IFORM environmental contours of wave height / period
  • Fatigue wave analyses
  • Joint extreme criteria
  • Operational wave statistics

 The BMT ARGOSS service included:

  • A ‘blind’ re-evaluation of existing criteria with extensions to comply with new international standards
  • Operational and extreme (design) wind, wave current and water level criteria
  • Fatigue tables of individual waves (heights and periods)
  • Detailed analyses of the hindcast storm events against measured observations