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BMT ARGOSS Secures New Weather Forecasting Contract

Java Sea

BMT ARGOSS secured a weather forecasting contract for a major oil company in The Java Sea. This area, bounded by the island of Borneo to the North, Sulawesi to the West, Java to the South and Sumatra to the East, has a complex, monsoon-driven weather pattern with regularly occurring thunderstorms. Our forecasting expertise will aid the safe transfer of crews to and from offshore platforms. It will optimise operability and minimise risks to drilling in the event of unexpected and unfavourable weather.

The Java Sea contract will be supported by our Metocean Weather Forecast and Emergency Response Centre, which provides weather forecasts and emergency response services globally. The dedicated forecasts, issued by our team of experienced maritime meteorologists, are designed to help minimise weather-related downtime and risk.

The Weather Support Desk is available 24/7 by phone or email. In addition, BMT ARGOSS meteorologists are qualified to provide on-site support of offshore operations.