ship in storm

Marine Safety Services

Supporting Safe and Efficient Transfer Operations: Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer is a critical and important, daily activity in the support of, and delivery of, Offshore Energy.

Transfers can take place between vessels of any size and a variety of cargoes including crude oil, white and black products, LPG and LNG, as well as bulk cargoes. The often critical and hazardous activities can have catastrophic results both commercially and environmentally if things go wrong.

With strong experience in offshore engineering design and operation in the marine environment, BMT has extensive experience of providing operators with assistance during the design, selection and operation of STS activities. Let the experts in their fields help with your safe STS operations.

Weather Forecasting Services

Where operations are sensitive to certain limiting criteria or require a specific weather window, our team of marine meteorologists forecast the local weather and metocean conditions at the project site. We notify our customers when conditions are likely to exceed safe operating parameters or a suitable weather window is anticipated, allowing
them to plan their operations accordingly. Our team of experienced forecasters are familiar with the challenges of operating in the marine environment, both offshore
and near shore. Operating a 24/7 forecasting service with on call duty forecasters ensures that the operator is supported throughout their STS campaigns. Forecasting services that may be provided, include: 

  • Operations support 24/7 forecasts service (typically 2x daily forecast issue)
  • More frequent forecasts during weather critical operations
  • Daily tidal and surface current forecast
  • Weather vaning as a result of wind, wave and current conditions
  • Route forecast prior to arrival at the site location