Oil rig in ice

Metocean Design Criteria and Extremes

Ambient and extreme metocean conditions can challenge the structural integrity of ships and offshore and coastal facilities. Understanding these conditions must therefore be integral to designing marine development sites and naval assets.

BMT ARGOSS has extensive experience in assessing ambient and extreme metocean design criteria for offshore and coastal projects around the world. Our expertise enables engineers and naval architects to incorporate climatological conditions into their designs.

Working to international standards, we supply engineering design criteria reports for submission to certification authorities. We also provide the appropriate solutions to support preliminary and feasibility design studies.

Our metocean design criteria reports have supported designs for:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Breakwaters, ports and LNG terminals
  • Semi-submersible vessels and jack-up rigs
  • Riser design
  • Power transistor platforms
  • Wind and tidal power generators
  • Bridges and tunnels

Our design criteria reports can include:

  • Ambient climate statistics
  • Misalignment statistics
  • Air gap calculations
  • Extreme values for given return periods
  • Tropical storm analysis
  • Coincidence of different parameter extremes

 Our studies can include the following parameters:

  • Wind speed, wave height, wave periods and their directionality
  • Current speed and directionality across the water column
  • Water level variation and tides