Metocean Modelling and Data Services

BMT ARGOSS develops, maintains and operates state-of-the-art numerical metocean models covering local, regional and global conditions.

At BMT ARGOSS we have extensive expertise in setting up, running and validating metocean models. We use models with various levels of complexity - from simple parametric to fully non-linear - to deliver suitable solutions. Our models can generate validated historical simulation data (hindcasts) that provide a reliable representation of the metocean climate. 

Our services provide:

  • Atmospheric and oceanic modelling (hindcast and forecast)
  • Global satellite database (for calibration and validation purposes)
  • Worldwide coverage of oceanic and atmospheric models, which show boundary conditions in high definition, supporting higher resolution models around areas of interest
  • Senior experts in offshore metocean criteria and coastal modelling, who ensure that the quality and output of our models are of the highest standards
  • Computer infrastructure capable of running high-resolution forecast and hindcast models within very short time frames 

Detailed numerical modelling has supported or enabled:

  • Operability assessment at coastal development sites
  • Design criteria assessment for offshore structures, including oil rigs, wind farms and tidal devices
  • Metocean forecasting at coastal sites

To meet the data requirements for operations planning and design we use the following model types:

  • Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) - a fine resolution weather model
  • WaveWatch III - a deep water wave model improved in-house
  • SWAN - an advanced shallow water spectral wave model
  • SWRT Wave Ray Tracing - a more basic shallow water spectral wave model
  • SWASH - for measuring wave movements around structures and close to shore
  • IDSB- a one-dimensional wave model (spectral) used to model infragravity waves in the coastal zone
  • ARTEMIS (part of TELEMAC suite) - a wave agitation model for ports application
  • ARGOSS Tide - a global fine resolution tidal model
  • TUFLOW - a fine resolution hydrodynamic model to simulate: currents, sedimentation dispersion and storm surges.