Metocean Modelling and Data Services

Metocean Operability Statistics

Metocean conditions can compromise the safety and efficiency of marine operations. An accurate assessment of these conditions makes it possible to plan operations within safe weather windows, reducing risk and downtime.

An accurate assessment of the weather and marine conditions that offshore structures have to endure can help to reduce risk and improve operability by providing a clear indication of the potential downtime.  At BMT ARGOSS we provide metocean operability assessment services that help our customers to plan their operations within safe weather windows.

BMT ARGOSS maintains extensive archives of validated global historical metocean data. By analysing this data our team of experienced specialists can provide cost-effective solutions to problems ranging from a basic level to those requiring a multi-disciplinary approach. 

Our weather and operability reports include:

  • Monthly and annual wind and wave statistics
  • Exceedance probabilities and joint probability distributions
  • Threshold-based weather window / persistence information
  • Threshold- based project duration for multi-phased operations
  • Extreme criteria
  • Tropical storm probabilities
  • Water level and current statistics
  • Metocean time series data

Our metocean operability statistics have been used to support:

  • Heavy lift operations
  • Cable and pipe laying
  • Float-over operations
  • Routine maintenance planning
  • Rig moves
  • Dredging loading and unloading operations at exposed ports and terminals