On-site support

On-site Meteorological Support

The way decisions are made during weather-sensitive marine operations can cost valuable time, affecting safety and operational efficiency.

BMT ARGOSS can help make the decision-making process during weather sensitive operations more efficient. Our marine meteorologists are fully experienced in providing on-site meteorological support during weather critical offshore activities.

We have fully licensed WMO forecasters who will stay on board during an operation, helping to avoid unexpected or unnecessary interruptions and make full use of safe weather windows.

The benefits of on-site forecasters are: 

  • More effective communication about specific weather-related scenarios and their potential risk
  • Including meteorological expertise in the operations planning process
  • Comprehensive meteorologist support at your specific location
  • Improved safety procedures
  • Lower operational costs related to weather damage

Our on-site forecasters have applied their expertise to:

  • Heavy and special offshore lift operations (turbine, topside structure)
  • Diving operations
  • Rig moves
  • Derrick skid operations
  • Hose replacement FPSO
  • Wellhead protector placement
  • IRG placement
  • Module or barge placements