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Storm Warning and Tracking Services

Our weather desk actively monitors tropical storm areas 24/7 and sends out advance warnings to customers whose operations are likely to be affected.

BMT ARGOSS provides storm warnings and tracking services to offshore facilities, ports and terminals in areas where tropical storms pose a threat to their safe operation. We monitor tropical storm areas 24 hours a day and issue advance warnings to customers likely to be affected. Our storm tracking services give customers more certainty about the probable path of hurricanes, cyclones or typhoons.

Benefits of storm warning and tracking services: 

  • Improves safety and operational efficiency
  • Reduces operational downtime, risk and costs
  • Enhances productivity
  • Provides an effective weather warning system 

Tropical storm information is of vital importance in affected areas and is particularly used to support:

  • Special operations
  • Monitoring of assets to insure  that survival conditions are not exceeded
  • Tow-route forecasts
  • Port and terminal operability forecasts