tow route planning

Tow-Route and Shipping Planning & Forecasts

BMT ARGOSS uses its metocean and maritime knowledge to help ocean towage, special cargo transport companies and cargo owners to plan a safe crossing.

Offshore towing operations and marine transports are particularly at risk from exposure to severe weather at sea as they cannot easily outmanoeuvre adverse conditions or seek shelter.

BMT ARGOSS can provide information about the climatic conditions that can be expected en-route beforehand and also give out comprehensive weather forecasts during an operation to help plan a crossing that will minimise exposure to severe weather and ensure that cargo reaches its destination undamaged by the elements.

As well as improving safety, our support helps customers to reduce operational time, use less fuel and maximise efficiency. Our expert team of metocean specialists and meteorologists can help by identifying alternative routes with more favourable conditions, pinpointing the most critical segments of the route, and assessing hurricane risks. We also identify the safest departure windows from shelter locations en-route. We offer 24/7 support and issue timely warnings when adverse conditions are anticipated.

Services can include:

  • Charts indicating areas of severe weather
  • En-route climatological information
  • Season-averaged residual current charts
  • En-route sheltering areas with departure window information 
  • Regular weather bulletins during an operation
  • 24/7 monitoring of the vessel
  • Tropical storm statistics, tracking and warnings
  • Ice Charting
  • Current forecasts based on satellite-observed and model data
  • Route advice

These services are used to support:

  • Ocean towage operations
  • Rig moves
  • Semi-submersible transports
  • Open hatch transports with limited deck clearance
  • Special or heavy cargo transports